Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cristo Rey Jesuit High School?

    • Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is a unique Baltimore high school providing affordable, Catholic, college preparatory education to students from low-income families in       
    Baltimore City.
    • Cristo Rey Jesuit in Baltimore is one of 24 schools in the Cristo Rey Network nationwide, which has a total current enrollment of 3,000 students.
    • Cristo Rey Jesuit students complete a challenging traditional curriculum focusing on core academic subjects. A complimentary program in the arts, athletics, service, and spiritual formation is offered.
    • The attendance rate in Cristo Rey schools is 98% and 95% of Cristo Rey students attend college after graduation.
    • The school is located at 420 South Chester Street in Fells Point, three blocks from  
    Patterson Park.

  • Who are Cristo Rey Jesuit High School students?

    • Cristo Rey Jesuit students live throughout Baltimore City and are from a variety of faith traditions.
    • Cristo Rey Jesuit students spend five days per month in a work-study program where they help contribute to the cost of their education.
    • Cristo Rey Jesuit students have significant economic need: more than 70% qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program.
    • The average yearly income of Cristo Rey Jesuit families is approximately $28,000.

  • How many Cristo Rey Jesuit students are there?

    • The first class of 110 freshmen began classes in August 2007.
    • This year (2010-11) there are 314 students enrolled in freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes.
    • Total school enrollment will grow to 360 students at capacity.

  • Where will Cristo Rey Jesuit students work?

• Eighty area companies in Baltimore City and County have hired students to fill real jobs through the Corporate Internship Program.
• Corporate sponsors include law firms, financial and insurance companies, colleges, hospitals, and banks.

  • How much will Cristo Rey Jesuit High School cost?

    • Work-study positions support a portion of the costs of the students’ education.
    • Families are responsible for paying $2,500 annually, which is the balance of educational costs not covered by income from the students’ work-study positions and scholarships donated by generous individuals, families and foundations. Assistance with this family contribution is available.

  • How are students admitted to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School?

    • Cristo Rey Jesuit seeks students who demonstrate employability, motivation, and academic potential.
    • Prospective students’ families should call the Admissions Office at (410) 727-3255, ext. 1004 to activate the admissions process.






420 S. Chester St. I Baltimore, MD 21231-2729 I phone: (410) 727-3255