Loyola University Maryland Makes Jesuit Education Attainable for Students and Teachers

Partnership with Loyola University Maryland Makes Education Attainable for Students and Teachers

Partnering with CRJ since 2007, Loyola University Maryland has been providing both CRJ students and staff with opportunity. Not only is Loyola University an institution offering real-world internship and work experience through CRJ’s Corporate Internship Program – the University also provides CRJ faculty and staff members with the opportunity to further their education in the Jesuit tradition through a tuition reimbursement partnership. Vice Principal, Allison Rabik is currently pursuing her Master’s in Educational Leadership at Loyola University. She shared, “I’m glad to be pursuing my Master’s at a Jesuit university because of the program’s and the professors’ emphasis on social justice and reflection.” CRJ Spanish Teacher, Alyson Pagano has recently completed her Master of Arts in Teaching at Loyola University and is currently working to earn her ESL certificate. Pagano shares her personal values in receiving a Jesuit education: “It made sense to attend graduate school at a Jesuit university while teaching at a Jesuit high school. The teaching methods discussed at Loyola go hand in hand with the ideals and mission of CRJ.”

As a Corporate Internship Partner, Loyola University also provides real-world work opportunities for current students like Bryce ’20. Bryce works closely with his manager, Elaine Edelstein in the Career Services department at Loyola. Edelsteins shared her experience working with students like Bryce: “Getting to know students, understanding them and meeting them where they are when they first arrive at the workplace is crucial to their success. Helping them learn and grow in their work helps affirms their future endeavors …working at Loyola University Maryland gives Cristo Rey Interns the opportunity to understand, apply and put into practice the Jesuit core values of ‘Constant Challenge to Improve’, ‘Integrity and Honesty’ and ‘Striving for Excellence’.”

Since 2011 Loyola University has had a total of 28 Cristo Rey alumni walk through their doors; currently there are 10 CRJ alumni enrolled at Loyola. One of those alumni, Antonio ‘17 graduated CRJ and now walks the halls of Loyola University. Antonio is living and learning with challenging coursework and student life rooted in Jesuit principles. Antonio’s own words best capture the experience Loyola University provides for our alumni: “When you go to an institution like Loyola, it’s like stepping into a whole new world.”

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, November 12, 2022 from Noon – 3 PM. Main Presentation at 1 PM. Student-led School Tours: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.