Posted November 09, 2018
Order (Left to Right): Jesus Pineda (Freshman), Alex Ferrer (Sophomore), Jason Lennon (Junior), Kyra Smith (Senior) & Candace Baker (Girl Scouts of Central Md)

"Jesus is a standout intern in our commissary department.  His work consistently exceeds expectations and the quality/efficiency of his work is on par with that of the Keeper Staff.  Those who work with him say he is amicable and hardworking.  Jesus deserves recognition for going above and beyond each shift." - Emily Cross-Barnet and Andrew Young @ The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

"Alex listens and responds very well with our staff and students. He's always dressed appropriately and maintains professionalism.  I never have to ask him to answer the phones when the work-study students leave. He immediately steps in to get the job(s) done.  He's always diligent in completing whatever task are asked of him, or anything that he may notice that requires attention.  Alex is a pleasure to have in our office." -Erika Elie @ Notre Dame of Maryland University

"Jason in the month of October and September has become, thorough and self-sufficient in projects assigned to him. He has taken instructions to the highest point and added his own judgement in some cases which I didn’t expect but commended. His work was neat and accurate. I have given him reviews of other staff’s work and gets the job done well.  Jason has shown an interest to learn, improved on his professional disposition which is great. I am proud of his contribution to my team." -Ayele Awoke @ Catholic Relief Services

"Kyra has sought out the department of communications at Girl Scouts of Central Maryland (GSCM) to hone in on her passion, graphic design and illustration. Kyra was very clear about what she wanted to learn, and she is always eager to use her new skill set to tackle work assignments. Every week Kyra comes with questions on the new tools she is learning (Adobe Creative Suite), as well as a thirst for knowledge about design concepts and principals. She implements what she knows in her work, and is also very helpful when asked to do other duties that are now related to design. She completes them with swiftness and acute accuracy. Kyra has been with us for a few weeks now and is consistently demonstrating her ability to, learn, practice and apply what she knows to her assessments. As well as, assist whenever and wherever she is asked to perform. I am confident that in the weeks to come, we will see more extraordinary creations and continued unwavering work ethics from Kyra.  I'm always excited when I know she will be in the office." - Quandra Gray and Candace Baker @ Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

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