Posted December 06, 2018
Order (Left to Right): *Michael Nolan (Gallagher Evelius & Jones), Alexia A (CRJ Intern)  and mom (far left), Diane Dongarra (Gallagher Evelius & Jones) *Dominic Hance and Mom, * Brianna H(CRJ Intern), *Silvia P(CRJ Intern), Marianne Richardson (Oak Crest)

Each month we give the Supervisors an opportunity to nominate the intern they believe should be deemed Employee of the Month.  They have all shown great appreciation to the student(s) they serve  and their investment has transcended into holistic growth within our school.  We are very excited and proud to be partnered with such caring sponsors!

Quotes from the Sponsors:
"While those who know Alexia understand her infectious smile and warm demeanor, many do not know how she carries herself in the workplace. A number of people here at our firm have commented many times on her communication skills, her positive attitude and professional demeanor. Recently, this student had the opportunity to go to lunch one on one with our Managing Partner. After the lunch, our Managing Partner mentioned what a “lovely lunch” they had. He mentioned that she seemed a little bit nervous initially, but who wouldn’t be – a high school freshman having lunch with the Managing Partner of one of Baltimore’s greatest Law firms? He was impressed how prepared Alexia was to ask questions. She asked about his career, his education, where he grew up and about the pressures of practicing law and running a great law firm. In return, he asked her questions and learned about her family, how school was going and how she enjoyed working at our firm. 
      This is where we come to recommend our Freshman for Student of the Month; she used our company web site to research the person with whom she was having lunch. All our students were introduced to our web site earlier in the year, along with many other software applications.  Alexia remembered this and took the time to formulate questions, which she wrote down for the meeting. Our Managing Partner did not mind the questions were written. The important thing was she was prepared and she wanted to make a good impression. Our Intern does great work every day, but to be stellar you have to take the extra step like she did in this instance.  By our Freshman student impressing our Managing Partner not only showed her determination to do well, but also reflected positively on the Cristo Rey program. Interactions like these strengthen bonds between Cristo Rey and corporate sponsors, and go even further to individual development. Great Job Alexia! We are very happy you work with us at Gallagher Evelius & Jones!" -Michael Nolan @ Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP

"Dominic arrives for work on his scheduled work-day’s ready to assist in whatever capacity needed. He diligently completes his routine tasks and additional assignments upon request. Dominic’s positive attitude and professional work demeanor fits right in with our organization. He is a joy to have around." -Tawanda Saffore @ Transamarerica

"Brianna is always an invaluable member of the outpatient rehab team but in the last 3-4 weeks that has been especially true. The department currently has 3 support staff vacancies and Brianna has definitely been a tremendous asset. She functions very independently and is thorough with completing her job tasks and ensuring that the clinic is ready for the next day. The team really counts on her and she delivers in a big way! I am happy to nominate Brianna for Employee of the Month and request that you give her high consideration for this award." -Debbie Feldman @ Mercy Medical Center: Center for Restorative Therapies

"I cannot express strongly enough how valuable of an asset Silvia is to our HR department. She comes in ready to work and has a great attitude, never complaining about any task we give her. She is meticulous in performing her job and always asks questions if she needs clarification when given an assignment. I have been able to give her increasingly more responsibility this year because I know I can trust her with important things, such as scanning employee’s credentials (RN licensure for example) to their employee file. I also have a very cumbersome payroll and finance gift card excel spreadsheet that I have to complete every month, and I have taught her how to complete it so I can meet the deadline. Her main job is to keep a steady supply of New Employee Orientation packets available for our monthly class and to keep the cart organized and neat (I am a bit of a stickler!). She always carefully labels folders that are incomplete or are missing a document (because I didn’t give it to her) so we know not to use them. The cart is neat and organized, which shows me that she takes pride in her work. She will even make very good suggestions when I wrestle with what to include in the packet.
She is a self-starter, so I never have to ask her to start working on something else when she’s finished a task. She is very accurate with her work, and I am impressed with her work ethic, maturity level, and attention to detail. I have had several CR students in HR, and most have been a pleasure to work with, but Silvia is just a step above all of them. I will say to Silvia something like “don’t forget to check your email” or “before you start on x, remember to do y”, and her answer is always “I already did that” (respectfully of course). I always roll my eyes and say “of course you did, you are always a step ahead of me”. She will even remind me of important things that I forgot. I nominated her once last year and regret that it’s taken me this long to nominate her again. This is a very busy department with a lot of moving parts, and I’m probably not the easiest person to work for, so I just want to recognize her properly for putting up with us and working alongside us as we strive to create a great workplace for our employees and a great place for our residents to live." -Marianne Richardson @ Oak Crest

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