Posted January 09, 2019
Order (Left to Right): Fathiah A (Freshman), Aniya W (Junior), Antonio M (Senior)

"Fathiah is an exceptional worker.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand with any task and she is very motivated along with enthusiastic.  Fathiah is very well mannered and polite and her attitude is outstanding.  I am very happy that she is a part of our small but busy department.  She is truly an asset." -Latasha Hamilton @ University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center

"Aniya has done a very good job at MWPH this semester. She worked hard on a wide variety of projects, from administrative work to creative brainstorming and more. Aniya brings a good attitude and willingness to learn independently on these tasks that benefit our team and hospital.  Thanks Aniya!" -Andy Wayne @ Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

"He has truly been working hard and even wrote a paper about the history of Brassica Oleracea. Antonio has been our intern at the McCormick Culinary Sciences Department for the last three years through his high school, Cristo Rey, in Baltimore. Throughout these years I have watched Antonio grow from a shy teen into a confident culinarian whose passion for food continues to grow. He has become a reliable asset to our team on the days he is with us and continues to impress me with his hard work and dedication to the job.
Working in Research and Development at McCormick is a challenging job with numerous facets. Antonio has come in each day of the last few years ready to tackle the wide range of tasks we have needed from him. With each of these hurdles, Antonio has taken the time to absorb the situations and work accordingly. He has adapted to work individually on projects, as well as collaborate and learn from others. He comes in curious to learn more and eager to the get work done. Antonio has truly become a valued member of our team that can be relied upon when needed.
The most consistent trait Antonio has shown through my years of working with him has been the desire to work in the food industry. His high school gives students an opportunity to work at different interning sites throughout all four years of school. As a sophomore, he requested specifically to work in a culinary setting and was lucky to be set up with an interning position with us at McCormick. He has taken the opportunity to further strength  his enthusiasm for the Culinary Arts and learn about the world of Research and Development." -Rachael Gooding @ McCormick & Company

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