January 2019 Employees of the Month
Posted February 13, 2019
Order (Left to Right): Marquis P (Freshman), Brenton S (Junior), Monica M (Senior)

"I feel that Marquis does an excellent job for us.  He is very thorough and is always wanting to learn more.  We are happy that he is here with us." -Teresa Ayres @ Kelly

"Kamari has made many improvements since his freshmen year.  He speaks with much more confidence and shows it in his hand shakes.  He shoes pride in personal appearance and will ask if he can be helpful without being told.  He displays a great will to work.  Kamari has not issues with asking questions when needs, takes constructive criticism and has slowed down on completing tasks to ensure accuracy." -Nicole Downing @ McDonogh School

" Brenton has proved to be a vital staff member at our organization and a joy to work with. His positive attitude seems to be contagious when he is here at the agency. At the beginning of his internship, there were growing pains for him as he had a new structured schedule to attend and a new supervisor, but after only two weeks he was in the stride of his new routine. Brenton always completes his tasks with a smile on his face and if there is ever a problem with one of his jobs for the day, he tries to trouble shoot first before coming to me with assistance.

Brenton has become a member of our staff while he is here and as the intern supervisor I constantly hear from staff that requests his assistance how much they enjoy working with him. I also hear disappointed comments from staff when he is not here. While Brenton is only a high school student, he is a valued and much appreciated member of our staff. Thursdays are always a welcomed day of the week."- Lindsay Jacks @ The Family Tree

" The quality of her work is outstanding – there are rarely mistakes and is ready immediately. Monica is ALWAYS working on something and turns it around very quickly. She NEVER needs reminding of her tasks. She proactively asks for work if she has completed a task.
She always has a positive attitude and is very friendly." -Robyn Seabrease and Debbie Henry @ Gordon Feinblatt LLC

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