February 2019 Employees of the Month
Posted March 01, 2019
Order (Left to Right): Robyn J (Freshman) & Deb S , Naija J (Sophomore), Estefania G (Junior), Alex O (Senior)

EOM Nominations

"The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is excited to nominate Robyn Jones for Employee of the Month. Although this is Robyn’s first year as a Cristo Rey Intern, she has exhibited the professionalism of a seasoned employee. She arrives each morning willing to work on any project assigned to her and gives her full attention to the task. She has an excellent grasp working with our software applications such as Excel and Adobe. One of her ongoing tasks consists of researching over 65 Utility accounts from our Jesuit Volunteer communities. Robyn needs to navigate each website to locate the billing statement, which is often difficult to find. She then is required to download and label each bill with detailed data in the subject line. Robyn completes this task with precision and understanding.

Earlier this year, Robyn created an excel workbook documenting all Jesuit Volunteer transitions from these past nine years. She captured important facts from each Volunteer Transition Form. Our Finance Director was so impressed with her accuracy, that he incorporated this research into his presentation at our Staff Annual Meeting.

We now need to schedule Robyn’s task times early in the week, as she is in demand for many of our departments. Her steadfast concentration and gentle disposition makes working with Robyn a delight. JVC is so grateful for her support." -Deb Schechter @ Jesuit Volunteer Corps

"Naija has been a wonderful addition to the Career and Internship team. What I like best about Naija is her positive attitude and joyful energy that she brings the team. At times, she has handled the front desk by herself and has done an excellent job with answering phone calls and assisting drop-in students. She works extremely well under pressure and actively seeks answers to questions that she is unsure of. In addition, she has been a tremendous help with organizing our budget binders. She possesses strong organizational skills and requires little instruction and oversight. We are happy to have Naija apart of the CIC team!" -Leah Dahlheimer @ University of Baltimore Career and Internship Center

"On a weekly basis, Estefania manages many of the tracking logs for our ongoing construction project. She updates calendars to track material deliveries that are scheduled with the hospital, monitors when the job site is shut down due to noise restrictions so that we can log our down time on the project, and organizes outage requests that are submitted to the hospital when the project requires us to shut down a critical utility system. This month, Estefania stepped up to take on some Quality Control too. She analyzed the door and frame schedule and marked where each fire-rated opening was on the floor plan. This allowed for easier quality control of the installation, so she could check that each frame that was to be fire-rated was properly labeled and installed in the proper location. In a few months, when the doors are delivered, she will be able to reference her same floor plan to check that the appropriate doors are fire rated as well. In addition to the door mark-ups, Estefania also highlighted the partitions that need to be fire-rated. By referencing the highlighted floor plan, the team can quickly determine in the field which walls need to be one-hour rated, two-hour rated, or moisture resistant, while the drywall is currently being hung on the job. This quick reference on the iPad will allow us to identify and correct any mistakes before the contractors get too far along, so we can continue with construction without costly re-work.

Great job, Estefania!" -Amanda Roe @ Whiting Turner

"Alex has set the bar high for all the interns at M&T Bank. He has lead the team to be pro-active and accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Beside for being a team leader Alex is a self-starter and has taken the task of reminders and usage audits seriously in the hospitality division at M&T Bank. Each morning he sends out reminders of upcoming events to the leaders and collects the attendees which ensure that all events are being covered and handled with the most care for our community and partnerships.

Alex deserves to be employee of the year, but we will settle for employee of the month. " -Natalie Arteen @ M&T Bank


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