March 2019 Employee of the Month
Posted April 05, 2019

Order (Left to Right): Victoria D (Freshman), Shanea N (Junior), Trinity B (Senior)

EOM Nominations

"It’s been a pleasure to watch Victoria’s growth here at Atapco Properties. She entered our doors as a shy Freshman. Now, you would think she’s more of a College intern. Victoria comes to work with a smile and ready for any task thrown her way. She has completed several tasks as follows: excel spreadsheets, sorting keys and records for tenants, problem solving, research projects and more. Through each project, Victoria strives and exudes excellence. As Victoria’s Supervisor, I have received several reports on her work ethic. Please see remarks from other employee’s in our office.
From Project Manager, Ian Parker
Victoria is a model employee! She is always on time and ready to work when she is here at Atapco for her internship. Work requests are always met with a smile and confirmation that it will be completed in a timely manner. Victoria also exhibits her ability to think on her own and solve problems without asking unnecessary or obvious questions; a feat for any age but especially someone so young! Her family is and has been impacted by the current crisis in Venezuela, but she maintains a positive attitude and stays focused on her work. She is a great employee and deserves Employee of the Year!

From Operations Specialist & Marketing Administrator, Donna Evers-Southard
I am so happy we are nominating Victoria for the Employee of the Month award. She is a delight to work with. She always checks to ensure that she understands the task, completes it on a timely basis and with a smile! The tasks have been as follows: opening mail, putting the documents in order, and transferring information from the documents onto an Excel schedule.
From Project Manager, Darrin Gustafson
During Victoria’s time at our office, she has been helpful in working with me on various matters. She seems to have a good understanding of task, objective and instruction and has worked with me on a somewhat detailed file set-up structure. She has worked on database input and management, information compilation, form and data sheet development, tenant information research projects (contacts, operating times), building key organization and other general office matters.
We hope Victoria is chosen for this month’s award. We are so proud of her accomplishments thus far and love having Victoria as an employee at Atapco Properties." -Ashley Conway @ Atapco Properties

"Shanea has been a great asset for the A&R team this month. We recently had to move a large amount of boxes out of off-site storage into our office and Shanea has helped this organization project go by much quicker than expected by helping to organize the boxes, clean out cabinets and electronically file documents. This has been a big help to clean up the paper clutter that existed in our office!

Shanea is a quick learner with each new task given to her and asks great follow-up questions when needed. She is able to efficiently transition between projects and is comfortable working with each A&R team member. She is engaged in our monthly staff meetings and has been an active participant in our book club, where we read and discuss books related to personal development or business topics. She is inquisitive about our business and asks questions when she does not understand the priorities or goals of our team.

Everyone on the A&R team has nothing but positive things to say about Shanea. She has become a trusted member of the A&R team and each team member is excited to work with her on a weekly basis!" -Joshua Riddel @ A&R Development

" She is an outstanding young woman and a valued employee. For the last three years she has shown amazing professionalism and motivation. Her willingness to learn any process that is needed has been invaluable to our department. She has been able to learn and use different software and hardware throughout the office quickly and accurately. The moment she's completed a project she immediately comes back to see what else is needed. Once given a project she works independently until it is completed and often makes suggestions on how it could be done more efficiently. We will certainly miss her once her internship is over!" -Toni Stroud @ GBMC


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