April 2019 Employees of the Month
Posted May 07, 2019

Order (Left to right): Freshman Gabrielle H, Sophomore DayAsia P, Junior Lakayla W, Senior Kavon A

EOM Nominations

Gabrielle H

"I have so many great things to say about Gabby, I’m not even sure where to begin! Ms. Hankins started working with us as a very quiet and shy student. She has always been kind and willing to help, but it has been such a pleasure to watch her blossom into a confident, engaging, helpful and happy intern over the last 8 months. She takes feedback exceptionally well and asks the best questions. She’s not afraid of being stretched to try things that are way outside of her comfort zone, and even when she is a little nervous, she expresses that, and tries the tasks anyway. Most recently, Gabby was tasked with creating her own activities for our self-esteem program titled “I Am.” She took the theme and ran with it, creating an activity based around affirmations and had the amazing opportunity to actually facilitate this activity herself with 15 girls at Walter P. Carter Elementary School. I was there to observe and support Gabby, and she did exceptionally well. The 3rd and 4th grade girls were receptive and excited to participate in what she planned (see attached photos). Gabby has since created additional activities that she will also be facilitating in other schools with different groups of girls before this school year ends. The entire Community Programs team here at Girl Scouts of Central Maryland is so proud of the growth that Gabby has exhibited, and excited about all that is to come in the remaining months. As her Supervisor, I am thrilled to nominate my favorite high schooler, Ms. Gabrielle Hankins, as Employee of the Month here at Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. Keep shining Gabbs!!! We love and appreciate you!!! -Candace Baker @ GSCM

First, I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE Gabby! She started out here very shy and I was led to believe that she was an extreme introvert. But oh how her time here has shown me quite the contrary. Gabby is full of life and smiles and she is has shown tremendous growth. She has truly come out her shell and is willing to help us with ANYTHING that we need. She has learned to take initiative on her responsibilities in the office and she is willing to go above what is needed of her. Not only does Gabby deserve student of the month but she has truly EARNED student of the month!! GO GABBY!!!! -Asya Minion- Community Program Coordinator – Baltimore County

Gabby is fabulous! She’s always ready and willing to help. At any point she’s given feedback, she’s receptive and applies what she’s learned. In the few months she’s been in the office she’s grown tremendously and is an asset to our team! I’m excited she’s being nominated for this opportunity because she has earned it and truly deserves it. Keep up the great work Gabby! -Melany Troy- Community Programs Coordinator- East Baltimore City"

DayAsia P

"DayAsia has consistently demonstrated a professional, respectful attitude throughout the entire year. She has assisted our team and our customers by contacting customers to schedule service visits to their homes. DayAsia is always willing to take on whatever task or project she is given and does so with a positive attitude. DayAsia is able to quickly understand any new responsibilities and asks appropriate questions to ensure success. It has been a pleasure to work with her this year and I am sure that she will continue to perform at a very high level with all of her future endeavors. She is a true asset to Cristo Rey and to the Corporate Intership Program." -Peggy Blasetti @ BGE Home

Lakayla W

" LaKayla has been as asset to the Career and Internship Center. She is very mature and professional when it comes to communicating with students and employers in-person or on the phone. She demonstrates excellent customer service--truly a model student! She has proven her ability to work in a high pressure setting with challenging students. She has a calm demeanor and works with CIC staff to resolve any student issues.  In addition, LaKayla is extremely disciplined and monitors her schedule well. She is very diligent with making sure she completes any make-up days and coordinates any unplanned absences ahead of schedule. She requires little oversite and instruction when it comes to projects and is very efficient. When she is not working on CIC assignments she maximizes her time to the best of her ability and completes homework. She has been a wonderful addition to our student staff!" -Leah Dahlheimer @ University of Baltimore

Kavon A

"Kavon has improved vastly since the beginning of the school year. She's very smart, dependable, friendly, and a fast learner. She is by far one of the best interns I've ever worked with. People request her assistance weekly!" -Melanie Savannah @ Erickson Senior Living


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