Student mentors help prepare 100 Baltimore students for corporate jobs
Posted August 19, 2019
Baltimore, Md., Aug. 19, 2019 – Would you be surprised to learn about high school students going to school early – on purpose? More than 100 ninth graders from Baltimore City did, reporting for their first day three weeks ago. Now, those students have completed a program called Prep for Success and are poised to do something that most high schoolers will not have the chance to do – go to work at a corporate job.

Every student at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore (CRJ) goes to work, including the newest, 14-year-old freshmen. This corporate internship experience, which complements the school’s college-preparatory academic program, is the cornerstone of their high school journey.
Prep for Success is a required step because, not only does the program help students learn the way around their new school, it also prepares them to step into a real-world work environment. During the 2019-20 school year, CRJ will partner with 141 businesses and nonprofits who provide this professional experience.

For the first time this summer, two upperclassmen joined their new peers for Prep for Success – not to learn themselves, but to teach. In this unique way, brother and sister pair Tyler ’20 and Taylor Fullwood ’21, are mentoring the incoming students and modeling what will be expected of them in the years to come.

Michelle Mallen, Senior Relationship Manager for the Corporate Internship Program (CIP), shared that they hired Taylor and Tyler because of a need the CIP team identified. What started out as an attempt to fill an administrative role turned into a co-teaching opportunity for the students, who have spent every day since in the classroom.

She shared, “It’s really important to have students helping with Prep for Success because it allows the other students to see what Cristo Rey looks like. These two are good role models for the other students. They are really hardworking and reliable. They’re showing the other students, this is what you can do.”

Tyler ’20 shared about his experience, “I’m here at Prep for Success to give back what was given to me.” The advice he shares with the incoming freshmen is, “Commit. You’re going to become a new person here. You’re going to learn a lot about yourself… If you get through the hard part the rest is going to be easy.”

“At Cristo Rey, it’s not just about the classroom, it’s about the corporate internship,” Taylor ’21 added. “It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be fun,” she concluded.

Since the school opened in 2011, 100% of CRJ graduates have earned acceptance to college. To learn more about the Corporate Internship Program and the partners who employ young people from Baltimore City, go to www.cristoreybalt.org/Corporate-Internship-Program/40995.
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