Corporate Internship Program

Educating Beyond Our Walls

Our Corporate Internship Program (CIP) supplements students’ rigorous classroom education with the business skills and real-world experience needed to truly succeed in college, career, and life.

Creating Impact

Benefits to Students

  1. Contribute to the cost of their education by working five full days each month
  2. Explore the world of work
  3. Build confidence immersed in a real-world setting
  4. Envision their own professional futures
“Cristo Rey students begin to develop the same skills, habits, and practices that have helped so many business leaders succeed.”  —Marjorie Rodgers Cheshire, President and COO, A&R Development

Benefits to Partners

  1. Direct social impact and a proven Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Trained, diverse talent for hard to fill positions
  3. Leadership and development opportunities for managers
  4. Investment in the next generation of Baltimore’s leaders

Become a Partner

We all share the duty to support Baltimore’s future change-makers. Be a part of the transformation.