Cristo Rey Pride & Traditions

Celebrating Our School

Each year at Cristo Rey comes with special traditions to celebrate. From ceremonies to dances, these milestones are an important part of the Cristo Rey Jesuit experience. 


  • School Colors: Black & Gold
  • School Mascot: The Hornet


Each incoming class selects a motto and their own unique class colors. Your colors and motto are used to create a banner that will hang in the gymnasium until you’re ready to carry it down the aisle at your graduation ceremony. Freshman are celebrated every fall at their Freshman Cross Ceremony.


During your sophomore year you’ll engage in a Sophomore Conversation, a tradition common to Jesuit schools. You’ll be celebrated at your Sophomore Pin Ceremony and during your Sophomore Ball.


We celebrate you and mark your dedication to your educational journey during your Junior Ring Ceremony and Junior Ring Dance. 


In this final year, we’ll celebrate important milestones. When you receive your first college acceptance, you’ll receive a senior tie in your class colors. You and your families will come together for the 100 Days ‘Til Graduation Dinner. The top 10% of your class will sign acceptance letters with your college representatives during Magis Day. You’ll pray together during your Baccalaureate Mass. Finally, we will all celebrate your Graduation.